Xerath build guide


About this champion

Xerath is a Long range,artillery/sniper like champion that can deal devastating damage with his abilities,For me he is a very fun champion that destroys almost everything early game and sieges hard on the enemy team at mid/late game. His kit makes him a great Team Fighting champion but not the best soloer,his ultimate:Rite of the arcane has significant range and deals “tons” of damage to the enemy if used corectly (sadly the ultimate is not global)
Without further ado, I present to you, my dear readers, i present you my guide:

Pros and cons

+ Very long range abilities.
+ A lot of Damage.
+ safer laning phase.
+ decent at any time of the game.
Xerath is a great pick,his kit synergises well with his spells.He has a great carry potential and never falls out in game,His long range poke makes him a Big threat early game and if it’s used correctly, Xerath can dominate his lane.Not to mention He has awesome skin content. (#Guardianofthesands4EVER)
+ His kit is made of skillshots.
+ Needs a good team comp.
+ Low mobility/No escape.
+ Hard to play (BUT he is FUN).
Xerath Has his downsides : His kit is made of skillshots and that makes his spells easly avoided.He has no mobility and no escapes and that makes him an easy target to the enemy jungler if he doesn’t have vision.

Masteries & Runes


Icon fail everywhere.Ill be fixing this soon.

Tier 1: I have invested a point in double edged sword because of the 1.5% bonus damage i get,the mastery has its downsides like getting dealt 1.5% more damage but Xerath needs to stay behind his team.So 3 points into because of the CDR and 1 point into for dealing more damage to minions.

Tier 2:I take 3 points in for more AP and 1 point in for recovering some health and mana on killed minions.

Tier 3:Here i simply take for more AP(6 to be fair)and 3 points in for dealing more damage to enemy champions below 50% HP.

Tier 4: 3 points into for extra %5 AP.

Tier 5:Investing 3 points in for more armor and magic penetration (which helps in dealing more damage to enemies)and 1 point in to where you deal bonus magic damage with your auto attacks.

Tier 6:Lastly i take a point in which gives 3% increased damage because Xerath needs to dish out damage to the enemy so this mastery helps A LOT.


Tier 1:Here i have invested 3 points in so i can have slightly more mana regen in laning phase.(It can be changed with the mastery because of the speed it gives)I also invest a point in because i can cast trinket items farther(and safer!)

Tier 2:I take here the 3 points of for the summoner spell CD and a point in for more heal time for your potions

Tier 3:I simply take because the cookies are tasty..Nuff said.



Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

This quint Gives more AP – That means more DAMAGE with your spells.It can be replaced with Greater quintessence of health. for more tankyness.
greater mark of magic penetraitionGreat mid/late game mark for dealing damage to enemies that have some magic resist(it can also be good in early game if the enemy champion has stacked magic resist).It can be replaced with greater mark of attack damage for more Auto attack damage for easier farm.
Great glyph for Xerath because he needs to stay farther away from targets so he can’t “risk” by going in near an enemy champion,but it can be replaced with greater glyph of magic resist if you play vs high early game nuke champions.
Great for early game where you can have problems with your spells,but might fall off late game if you have enough mana regen.It can be changed with OR for some defencive properies vs all in champions.

Skills and Spells.

Summoner Spells


in my opinion,flash is the best summoner spell and is an all time must have.You can jump trough walls,make plays,secure kills , run away from the enemy and more.


Ignite is a great early game dominating spell that can finish your enemy off,sadly it falls of in late game.


The barrier spell is very situational spell.It’s mostly helpful vs very bursty assassins like Zed orFizz .

Xerath’s Spells

Xerath’s next basic attack against a non-structure unit will restore 「 30 – 195 」 mana (doubled against champions).
for me this passive is great for sustain in laning phase.(it helps in mid/late game)

This is xerath’s bread and butter. If you cast it, the range will gradually expand and slowing you.Always keep in mind that you can move while you cast it AND cancel it (if you hold it in).

It is almost identical to Leona’s Solar Flare. The only difference is that when targets are hit in the center, it will not stun, but it will do extra damage. So try to aim it so the center will hit your opponent.[/u]

Xerath’s stun. It has a pretty decent range and the duration of the stun depends on the distance travelled. Beware that the stun does NOT TRAVEL TRHOUGH MINIONS. This makes it harder for him to actually get a stun of in lane.

Xerath’s Arcane barrage got a huge Range buff, however, your Area of effect is much, much smaller. This skill is very tricky to land as it is not that hard to juke it or dodge it. However, you can try to snipe unsuspecting targets from across the map without them even noticing! BEWARE though! As you are not able to move while casting, you are VULNERABLE so keep an eye on your mini-map.:

Skill sequence

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Xerath’s Q should be leveled at level 1 and maxed first – its his best laning and end game power.
Xerath’s W should be maxed second and can be leveled at level 2 – ItsA strong spell when its used right
Xerath’s E should be maxed third but can be leveled at levels 2 or 3 – it doesn’t do much at later levels than its CD and mana cost.
Xerath’s ult should be maxed at levels 6/11/16


Good items

-> Great item!20% CD,80 AP and the unique passive: grievous wounds to the champion that is bellow 40% HP.

-> “tons of damage” with this item – It’s essential for every mage.

-> More AP and deal more damage to people with (not) enough Magic Resist.

-> A great item on Xerath.Gives nice armor stats vs strong AD comps and the Active ability can be used to save your life.

-> A good item for laning phase that can regenerate mana AND has some magic resist.Downsides of it that it got nerfed to HELL – regenerate 2% of YOUR missing mana.

-> This item gives great stats:more health more Ap and can shred tanks because of its unique passive.You really want to get this toghether with rylai’s becous Liandry’s passive helps rylai’s Passive.

-> I’m seriously not sure if this item is good, but i have tried it and i think its awesome on Xerath.Having more movespeed and dealing Damage to nearby enemies after using a spell is really helpfull because your skills Can’t hit everyone,Or if your skills do they will deal even more damage to the enemy.

-> Get more Ability power and Health wrapped up with an unique slowing passive.

-> Another great item,wait … what?Twin shadows on Xerath?Well this item can give you A LOT of vision on the enemy (if one of two ghosts Hit a champion)As we know vision is essential on Xerath in order to land his skillshots correctly(including his Ultimate)

-> Great late game potion that gives you more AP and the sorcery buff.

-> This is a great item that shows a wide erea that you can use to your advantage (like sniping the enemy).Warning:THIS ITEM IS OPTIONAL

Viable items

-> Helps with sustain.And also gives more AP and tankiness becouse of its passive.

-> Item isn’t that bad. considering you really stay alive while stacking kills and assists.

Bad items

->AP is low and the spellvamp is pointless on Xerath.

-> Yes it gives ap and mana but its passive is pointless for Xerath becouse most of your time he wont be in auto attack range.

-> Takes quite a LONG time to charge on xerath and he doesn’t need that much mana becouse he has his sustain on his other items and his passive mana surge.


Early/mid game

As Xerath your job is to poke and farm at the same time.You can poke easly with your two WaVeClEaR spells.Still use your common sence. try to bully your enemy out of lane and/or proceed to killing him.
Just don’t forget:16 minions = 1 kill if i haven’t messed up my math so we get to the conclusion that we should ALWAYS try to farm.

Your combo:

As Xerath,your combo is slightly hard to excecute:
To start your combo you have to E first,then if the target is stunned: W him/her(try to hit the target in the center) and after that Q him (be sure to use the right range). So the combo that should be is E>W>Q – this combo easly destroys squishy champions.You can sometimes W him/her first so you can slow the target and then execute your stun and proceed to using your Q.(you can optionally use your Ultimate if you haven’t killed your target.)

TLDR: combos are like this

1. > > > ()
2. > > > ()


As Xerath your job is to stay behind your team to disengage and attack from a distance with your aracanopusleArcanopulse.You should disengage enemies when they are near your team in order to get the kill easly.

Tip: when you see the enemy APC or ADC out of position you MUST stun him/her in order to weaken the enemy team significantly in the Fight.


The banner



















1. Xerath has Very long range abilities.
2. Xerath has Low mobility and No escapes.
3.STUN the enemy out of position
4.xerath’s Q range will gradually expand and slow him
5.try to aim it so the center will hit your opponent.
7.This skill is very tricky to land as it is not that hard to juke it or dodge it.

Xerath Counter Champions

Xerath Counter Champions
Xerath Counter Champions

Xerath Counter Tips

  • Try to avoid Xerath’s abilities – they are mostly skillshots and can often be dodged.
  • Xerath tends to keep his distance, poking from range. A gap close can be invaluable.
  • Try to avoid forming lines with other team members in order to reduce the impact of Xerath’s Arcanopulse.
  • Xerath’s ultimate makes him immobile, often leaving him highly vulnerable.
  • As Xerath is dependent on AP, building magic resistance may prove effective.