Sejuani Build Guide


Sejuani champion spotlight



Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Classic runes. But still working! Feel free to use these if you don’t have hp per lvl -seals


Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Something new with patch 5.5. Since both Cinderhulk and Gromp’s poison scale with health points, these are simply magnificent. Since you don’t have armor-seals, you need armor-quints.

5% cdr gives you chance for maximum cooldown reduction together with around 5% from masteries. You only need 30 from items and you get that with for example Locket of the Iron Solari and Frozen Heart


My masteries are quite classic ones. There are several different styles that are getting use. I’ll list some:

  • 9/21/0 but 4 points in Sorcery and point in Expose Weakness instead of Butcher and Feast
  • 9/21/0 but 4 points in Sorcery and point in Double-Edged Sword instead of Butcher and Feast
  • 21/9/0 with both ad and ap

Skill Ability Sequense

Sejuani ability sequence
Sejuani ability sequence

Starting with W is a must but as your second ability you can choose either Q or E. Obviously Q is safer option and you should start with it against aggressive junglers like Shaco and E works well on farming. Personally I use both styles. Really depends from the game. Outside of the problem what ability to skill second there is quite standardized style how to skill Sejuani’s abilities. Feel free to ask if you are wondering reason for some point, but if no questions, I’ll just leave this here.



Ranger’s Trailblazer – Cinderhulk

Mercury’s Treads

Righteous Glory

Locket of the Iron Solari

Randuin’s Omen
Extremely strong jungle-item. It scales health well and now since Gromp’s poison scales from hp and dfg (%-dmg -item) has been removed it’s really effective to stack health. Trailblazer gives you sustain and makes your slow jungle-speed a bit faster.
Since tenacity was removed from the jungle-item you may want to get back to Mercury’s Treads. Ninja Tabi is still extremely strong and is equivalent option. It’s cost has also pretty good synergy with your money when you have to shop. On the other hand: You get armor quite easily but magic resist -items were nerfed before season 5 so one locket might not be enough. Mercury’s, Locket and Randuin’s Omen will give a bit of everything and it’s balanced option for almost every game. Usually you don’t see full ad -enemies.
Currently used on most of the junglers. This is The Meta Item of season 5. You can see this splashed even on assassins like Master Yi. Spirit Visage still has it’s place but Sejuani doesn’t have any specific lifesteal or health gain -method so it would be just waste on Sejuani. Banshee’s Veil is challenging Locket’s place in the build but in most cases Banshee’s shield can be knocked off too easily and Locket is significantly better. Whatever you do, DO NOT build Spirit Visage on Sejuani.
Sunfire was just a perfect item for Sejuani but since Cinderhulk came and those two don’t stack. We have to find alternatives. Sejuani doesn’t exactly need Randuin’s Omen but it seems like the most balanced option left as it gives a bit of everything. In fact you could exchange it with Warmog’s Armor in current hp-meta but I think I could make another build for showing up these variations.
Simply amazing item. During patch 5.5 Riot buffed this item’s health 150 points! You heard it right, 150 more hp! And the item was good also before the buff. I simply love playing this at the moment. It’s extremely cost-effective even without the active and active is like better versions of Talisman of Ascension and Randuin’s Omen combined into single amazing item.

Ranger’s Trailblazer – Cinderhulk

Ninja Tabi

Righteous Glory

Warmog’s Armor

Frozen Heart

Liandry’s Torment
Choosing additional items
The new ap-item actually works on Sejuani with no serious drawbacks, you can activate passive always when it comes back up. I can recommend this item if you find yourself being too tanky. (yes, it happens quite often)
Banshee’s is a serious threat to Locket of the Iron Solari‘s dominant position as a 1st big item. The shield given by Banshee’s is usually easily to knock off but it gives additional power-element when for example trying to steal Baron by coming in through the wall. Better on surprise-fights than on stalling. I like to wander around so I prefer Locket. Iron Solari also gives you more value for your money since it’s one of the most cost-efficient items. (both with and without active)
Rarely used but still strong item that suits Sejuani well. You need all of these stats what the item gives. Item is quite cost-efficient even without passive and active and you can still utilize both with Sejuani. You get increased movement speed also from destroyed turrets. I kind of like this item even though I use it quite rarely.
After changes rylai is even more sexy than before. Nice amount of ap, okay amount of hp and sexy passive. Unfortunately this fancy ***** looking staff gives more slow when penetrated against single target. You have multi-target skills so you can’t fully utilize the power of this item. Still good one though. Balanced option if you want a bit of health and a bit of ap. A bit like Liandry’s Torment which might actually suite you better. As an additional note I would add that Twin Shadows has kind of same role in item-build and I would recommend Rylai’s if you are wondering between those two items.
Banner of Command reminds Locket of the Iron Solari and those both items have great gold-value. Too bad that the aura is unique and those don’t stack together. That causes you to pick only one. Powered lane minion is great but unfortunately Locket’s active is even more important for Sejuani’s role. You get also more health that will stack well with Gromp’s poison and Ranger’s Trailblazer – Cinderhulk. I guess you could use Banner sometimes if you feel like you are getting too much hp against some % of hp -dmg dealing champion like Kog’Maw but it’s rare situation.
Good item against ad-heavy teams. Maybe after Randuin’s Omen and Righteous Glory. You must remember that you need hp to get Thornmail effective. Taking it as a first item is not a good idea. However, you must also consider taking Frozen Heart. It’s great item for Sejuani and takes the same spot in your build. Taking both is not a good idea neither. You have to decide.
Mostly for ap-heavy builds but I am not talking about AP-Sejuani here since tanky junglers are hot at the moment. I guess you could still build some tanky ap -items like Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Liandry’s Torment and Abyssal Scepter together with one tank-item, Righteous Glory maybe , and Void Staff to create balanced build.
Great item if you just have few hp-items first. Don’t take it as a first item. If you need more balanced option, get Randuin’s Omen as it gives a bit of both.
Very well balanced item. Pick it if you feel like your ap-carries are better than your ad-carries or there are more of those. Great with Annie-mid for example.
Since your W nukes a lots of enemy-hp instantly and you can get about 30% hp off in a splash-second you can’t utilize liandry’s passive (%-dmg from current hp) as well as Amumu can but it’s still a good item.
okay if you want to build ap.
since you need your basic attacks for everything and good overall movement speed is better than great initiate-speed for you I don’t think you should buy this. Of course some players are better with mobi-boots and just gank a lot. You should still focus on best overall items with no drawbacks. This is most likely too risky for you.
Widely used. Former tanky jungle-item used to have tenacity but Cinderhulk doesn’t have so you might want to swap back to using Mercuries. Ninja Tabi ain’t bad either.
Big item. Works incredibly well after 5.5. Just be careful with %-dmg and heals. You do not want to be free healing target for enemy- Warwick.
Choosing boot-enchantments
Sejuani is extremely good chaser and overall you need to hit your basic attacks to in order to do anything. You need basic attacks for your slows and W but also for your Frost Armor
If you can’t reach enemies for some reason you probably want to get alacrity so ensure that your basic attacks hit.
Obvious possibility and widely used. I’d still say that try not to use this item. It’s good if you are fighting on your base but in most cases there are better items for teamfights and overall performance.
Not bad enchantment. Feel free to try if you don’t have any special need for furor or alacrity.


Here you can see classic jungle-routes on both sides. Currently, it’s quite common that bot-lane takes Krugs and jungler starts at top-side with Gromp.

Gromp -> Blue Sentinel -> Murk Wolves -> Red Brambleback -> Raptors -> Base

Alternative jungling route. It’s currently quite hard to gank lanes if you give vision of river by killing Rift Scuttler. You also regenerate some hp and get okay -amount of gold. Generally, this is a safer approaches. It’s easier to get ganked when doing standard-route. Just make sure you don’t lose red-buff while taking Rift Scuttler. Lane has to place only one ward on tri-bush and in some cases they have to ward the outer bush on their lane.

Gromp -> Blue Sentinel -> Murk Wolves -> Rift Scuttler -> recall -> Red Brambleback

You can also see how blue team usually places Vision Wards and which spots are most important for deep Stealth Wards as a jungler.

All what I say next are for Blue Team:

Vision wards:
  • Place the Vision Ward that you bought on your first shop in the bush behind the dragon so that it helps both mid- and bot-lanes and yourself by making sure that nobody is in your jungle. Ganks from behind are the most dangerous for mid-laners.
  • Bot-lane usually places Vision Ward on their tri-bush so these two wards grant vision to all routes inside your jungle.
  • The Vision Ward close to your pink is placed by mid-laner and grants perfect vision to one side. That makes mid-lane almost impossible gank since he can position himself on that side of the lane. This gives you also better reaction-time for making successful counter-ganks.
  • Toplane places Vision Ward in the bush next to Blue Sentinel. That ensures that your blue-buff will be safe and top-lane won’t get dived from behind. You will see the whole entry in that side of the jungle. You can also get easy kills if someone goes wondering around that area. It can turn in to 3v1 against that enemy extremely fast since blue is close to both mid and top.
  • Vision Ward close to enemy’s Red Brambleback is a bit of wildcard. I just wanted to show you a spot which grants you vision of enemy-jungler’s movements when placed during initiate to the enemy-jungle. Jungler rarely walks through that bush so sometimes nobody sees the ward during something like first 20 mins and you know exactly at which side of the map enemy jungler is. Great value in that case!
Sight wards:
  • You should use your trinket to secure your lanes. Placing Warding Totem‘s ward on top-sides tri-bush or at the bottom-bush makes your lanes close to impossible to gank if you have taken also top-side’s Rift Scuttler and placed that Vision Ward of your’s. You need to make some serious decisions on which lane you ward. Don’t shout your team about how they should ward, most likely they won’t. Just try to do also their job. If bot is warding well. Place your trinket to help top. After Greater Stealth Totem you will have more options. Try to buy it as fast as you can (at lvl 9), but at some cases you may have just enough money for one full item and decide to buy it at your next back.
  • When removing possible Vision Ward from the bush next to dragon or killing Rift Scuttler at river. You should place ward on the narrow bush between Blue and Mid-cliffs. It’s also extremely strategic spot on late-game. Not only during dragon-fights. You must remember that it’s really common route and well let’s assume that enemy mid is clearing your pink behind dragon, you see that and attack him. He wants to destroy pink and gets some dmg. Most likely you get at least 30% of hp off. Your allies are trying to follow you but they come a bit further, enemy-Thresh comes and throws lantern to his AP Carry, starts running towards that bush between Mid-cliffs and Blue. Those both are close to each others when they reach that narrow route. 9/10 will go into that bush, “cause it gives stealth” and you should throw your ultimate on that bush. It will almost certainly hit both and you can easily follow up. You have so much slows that they can’t escape anymore.
  • The last two Stealth Wards what I haven’t explained yet are meant for securing your counter-jungling. You can safely jungle their Raptors, Wolves and Gromp when those 2 wards are placed. Just make sure that you have Q always ready and you can escape the camp before they even get vision inside the camp. They won’t see you even though they might be running right next to you.

All lanes need vision. You just have to spot the weaknesses. Usually bot-lane wards but Top forgets to ward and I’ll aid him. + that Vision Ward close to mid. If you have passive top. For example Nasus, you focus all on mid and bot-lane. Rift Scuttler, pink and trinket-ward are enough to give full vision from that side. You don’t have to ward both mid-bushes. Securing one side should be enough. Aggressive lanes with no escapes will need more of your aid than passive ones. Vision is always important, doesn’t matter are you leading or losing.


  • Do Not make full late game -team. You will most likely lose if you are trying to do some fancy AoE-combo. AoE mid would be great but in that case your top has to be good 1v1.
  • You seem awesome on team-fights but actually you are better on 1v1 and against smaller groups, You can probably solo enemy bot-lane but on standard team-fight you can’t get 5-man ultimate if enemy doesn’t make any serious mistakes. You need some kind of dragon-ambush or another ambush for that perfect ultimate. Otherwise, try to just kill their carries.
  • Always be ready if enemies make a mistake and get too close to each other.
  • If you can’t get good ultimate in the beginning of the fight, you probably want to wait for better situation, you need patience. If for example enemy Irelia and Kha’Zix are rushing towards your team so fast that you can’t get their whole team on ulti. Wait that they jump in for your adc and you probably get 3-man ultimate when they land.
  • always do something, farm or gank. If you are not doing something specific, you are doing something wrong. If I say: wait for better position. I mean, kill enemy-adc in the meantime if you can’t do anything special.
  • Do Not try to advice your team on warding for example. Most likely it won’t work. Just try to ward more yourself if your team doesn’t. Show some positive attitude. Make sure you have that one Vision Ward across the whole game and fully utilize your trinkets.
  • Good ganking-route to top-lane while playing on blue-side is killing enemy raptors (place trinket-ward on the bush next to those for vision). Then go to the top via tri.
  • Optimize your jungle. Always take red and blue when those spawn again. Take one side of the jungle and gank, if you have hp, either another gank or other side of the jungle and then maybe another gank. Always do something! Take closest camp fast when you are running from base to help some lane. Make sure that you don’t get behind in farm. It’s not the number of ganks, it’s the profit of those.
  • Gank lane that’s getting pushed most and preferably doesn’t have escapes. If you know that one has flash, remember that when ganking. You may want to force flash off and come back soon after with your ultimate.
  • Your Q Arctic Assault interrupt channels, for example Fiddlesticks-ultimate and teleport. For the same reason it’s extremely effective against Vi, Gnar and Jarvan IV. You can interrupt their jumps at the same time when you are charging forward.
Simplifying tips already mentioned:
Always make sure that you don’t die, if you see a situation where you could get something without dieing, you are free to go. Preferably no 1-man ultimates. As you can see, I was at Blue-buff and dashed over the wall, most likely they had no ward, but ward doesn’t matter in any case since you are coming as fast as you can. You shouldn’t care about wards, if you try to use Sweeping Lens you will lose your surprise-momentum. Just make sure you have enough wards for your own vision and make sure they can’t take those off.
wait for it… wait for it… and GO! You need patience and positioning to get proper 5-man ultimates. As you can see, Nautilus was trying to block it and I had to get on middle of them.

Sejuani Counter Tips


  • Sejuani can have issues against knockback as it prevents her from engaging.
  • Sejuani is most effective at close range. This makes slows, stuns, range, and mobility very effective.
  • Try to avoid bunching up with other team members in order to reduce the impact of Sejuani’s ultimate.